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Testing emulsions is important, and ideally, every batch would be tested. For small makers I suggest random testing (after preservative efficacy is done). It is not as important to test oil based products.

The link is set up for $32/sample. If you are sending 3 or more I will have to email you an invoice. Thanks.

 Plate Counts
Plate counts will tell you whether your product is contaminated with bacteria/fungus at the time of testing. It is more a test of your GMP than of your preservative efficacy.
Aerobic plate count (APC) – enumeration of bacteria present in a sample
Fungal/yeast count (F/YC) – enumeration of fungi (mold) or yeast present in a sample 

No of Samples



Both Tests

1-2 $19 ea
$20 ea
$32 ea
3-4 $18 ea
$19 ea
$29 ea
5+ $17 ea
$18 ea
$28 ea

Additional information

Number of Samples

1-2 samples, 3-4 samples, 5+ samples

Type of Sample

APC, Fungal/Yeast, APC & FYC


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