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Testing emulsions is important, and ideally, every batch would be tested. For small makers I suggest random testing (after preservative efficacy is done). It is not as important to test oil based products.

 Plate Counts
 Plate counts will tell you whether your product is contaminated with bacteria/fungus at the time of testing. It is more a test of your GMP than of your preservative efficacy.
Aerobic plate count (APC) – enumeration of bacteria present in a sample
Fungal/yeast count (F/YC) – enumeration of fungi (mold) or yeast present in a sample 

No of Samples



Both Tests

1-2 $19 ea
$20 ea
$32 ea
3-4 $18 ea
$19 ea
$29 ea
5+ $17 ea
$18 ea
$28 ea

Additional information

Number of Samples

1-2 samples, 3-4 samples, 5+ samples

Type of Sample

APC, Fungal/Yeast, APC & FYC


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