Founder and skin care sage, Dr. Cindy Jones, is a biochemist and herb farmer with extensive experience in physiology, toxicology, microbiology, cancer research and cosmetic science. Cindy has also worked as a research scientist, a college instructor and is a published author. Dr. Jones is a highly sought after product development consultant to the natural cosmetic and skin care industry. Her passion for science and her love of herbs is the catalyst behind Colorado Aromatics skin care line. She brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and skin care and has found a niche in cosmetic formulating.

About Sagescript Institute

Sagescript Institute was founded by Dr. Cindy Jones in 2003 to provide information on the evidence-based use of botanicals as well as microbiological services for homemade cosmetics enthusiasts. Sagescript has since evolved from an information-sharing platform to a consulting services firm designed to meet the needs of small-to-midsize natural cosmetics companies seeking new product invocation and reformulation. We provide the following services: consulting, formulating, research and development, private label, small scale manufacturing and botanical extracts. In addition, we make our own line of natural skincare products under the brand name, Colorado Aromatics.

Our Team

Hayley Fisher

Hayley has been studying organic farming, Permaculture and sustainable gardening methods since 2007. She is a self-taught, beginning herbalist who is interested in native plants and wild plant foods. She enjoys knitting, spinning yarn, and all things woolly. Hayley is currently pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Jackie Nelson

Jackie is a chemist and microbiologist who works in the lab manufacturing many of our products.

Leo Wahl

Leo is Cindy’s son. He works part time doing some lab work, some administrative work and some sales. He is also studying to be a biochemical engineer.

George Wahl

George is Cindy’s husband and helps out in many ways. He considers himself to be in charge of ‘doing things better’.


We have several volunteers who join us on the farm for weeding, harvesting and processing herbs. Many of these volunteers are herb students while others just enjoy spending time outdoors helping to keep us Certified Naturally Grown. I have to say, our volunteers are some of the most interesting people I’ve met. If you are interested in being on our volunteer newsletter list you can sign up below. Note that this is different than our Colorado Aromatics or Sagescript Newsletters and is meant only for those wanting to volunteer on our farm. Thanks, Cindy