books by Dr. Jones
Cindy Jones has authored the following books:

The Antibiotic Alternative; the Natural Guide to Fighting Infection and Maintaining a Healthy Immune System.
This timely book discusses the problems encountered with the overuse of antibiotics in the past 20 years. Antibiotic resistance has risen to a point that once easy to treat infections are now more difficult to treat and even life-threatening in some cases. The book addresses herbal antibiotics, the immune system, the history of infectious disease, as well as how stress affects health. Learn when to use antibiotics and when to use safe, at-home herbal treatments for infections. View other books published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

Herbs for Healthy Skin
Available from Mushroom ebooks, (, $3.99, illustrated by Barry Jones
Learn how to use herbs to care for your skin and feet; not only to keep skin healthy, but also to treat many common skin problems. “Herbs for Healthy Skin” is a 36-page booklet containing a wealth of information on skin and feet. Nine herbs are featured including chamomile, lavender and thyme with growing and using instructions. Besides a short introduction of the biology of skin, several skin problems are addressed such as athlete’s foot, dry skin, eczema, scabies, aging skin and anthrax. Advice is given on treating these problems with a variety of herbs. There are also easy to make recipes for skin care products and instructions for altering them for personal needs. If you have skin, this book can help you! Click here to see Herbs for Healthy Skin at

The Healthy Heart Guide
Available from Woodland Publishing ($4.95)
Learn why the heart is so important to health and about common conditions that affect the heart. Outlined are conventional treatment for heart disease, as well as proven natural therapies involving diet, supplements and other lifestyle factors that can lead you to a healthy heart and an overall health lifestyle. A must-read for anyone concerned with protecting their heart!