Straight From the Horses Mouth!

Here is what some of our customers are saying about us:

My daughter had a chemical burn on her face from an OTC scrub. She was putting any thing she could think of to relieve it. I let her use your face cream. It helped soothe her face. She’ll be ordering more.  Myself, it makes me feel pampered. L.S. Longmont

I enjoy receiving your newsletter, you do such a great job of explaining things!  Abbie:-)

Sole Pleasure is the best thing for my feet that I have ever tried.

J – Longmont

I use Knuckle Balm for my psoriasis. This product has worked wonders for my condition. Thank you so much. -Estabrock Anderson

I have raved about your parsley eye oil to many friends. It’s always nice to support local folks, especially when the products are so amazing. –Heather, Golden

I have been meaning to email you to let you know how much I have enjoyed the products. The scrub is wonderful!  It has a wonderful light fragrance –  just like your lavender soap. I have enjoyed using the knuckle balm as an all over body moisturizer.  It has such a beautiful orange color and it’s very light –  not thick and heavy like some balms are. The bug spray has a more pleasant scent than some natural sprays I have tried. The eye serum seems to have lightened the circles under my eyes. –SH

You’ve done so much for our family. We especially love your Knuckle Balm. It works on any nick and scrape. –Longmont Market Customer

I love the face cream.  I use a lot in the winter and it absorbs so well. (regarding Springtide Face Cream).

My feet were terrible until I started using your foot butter. I love the way it feels.

I use Sagescript soap everyday. Once I started using it I couldn’t go back to ‘normal’ soap anymore. Sagescript soap makes my skin feel so much softer and more moisturized than other soaps. I pretty much buy it by the box so I don’t run out.  –WB, Ohio

Justin is a huge fan of your goods. 🙂  I bought him some soap while at the Longmont farmer’s market and he LOVED it. His skin gets very itchy if he uses store-bought soap, like Oil of Olay.  Natural/organic soap helps him out a lot. Julie Chea, Longmont

If I didn’t believe in you I wouldn’t keep coming back. -Longmont Market Customer

Love, love the shampoo! It has a wonderful scent for the morning shower! Great wake-up scent! Thank you. – Diane

Having enjoyed Colorado Aromatics’ chocolate soap bar as much as I did, I figured I’d give their Cocoa Tango a shot. Not only did I enjoy the taste and feel of it but I enjoyed the fact I didn’t feel compelled to repeatedly reapply over the course of an hour because when I’m not using it, my lips get even more dried out, the way they do with Blistex, Chapstick and even Burts Bees.  In other words, I enjoyed it’s soothing effects but didn’t feel like I was becoming dependant on or “addicted” to the lip balm. -Susan Speier, The Examiner

There are numerous bath, body and beauty companies that call the Front Range home. And while they all do some mighty fine bath magic, we love these Sagescript soaps. They are simply lovely, and contain shea butter for healing and real lavender buds and lavender essential oil. -The Yellow Scene


I must comment on your wonderful product. Usually when I’ve purchased home made soaps, they turn out very drying and the scent does not last. In the end, they end up under the counter. With your product, I used every last bit of soap and was surprised how refreshing and softening the soap was. Thank you for your wonderful product. AG, Colorado

I really have been enjoying using your products.  I first saw them a couple of weeks ago at the Boulder farmers market when I was visiting my son there at college. I bought the parsley eye serum and have noticed a difference with my dark circle. Look forward to trying more of your products. MY, Florida