Cosmetics Consulting

We can help you realize your product dreams by helping you develop your own skin care line.

1. Formulating. Need a new unique formula developed? We can develop a product based on your ideas/dreams.  Or do you just need someone experienced to look over your formula to make sure everything looks good or make a few adjustments? We can do that too. Alternatively, you can buy our bulk bases and scent them and customize yourself.

1.a. Formula TuneUp/Validation. Newcomers to making skin care products often feel better having a chemist look over their formula and procedure to give input.  Maintaining complete confidentiality I will review your formula and let you know if there are any problems I see with it. I will also convert your ‘recipe’ into a formula using percentages in an excel file. If you have a few questions or problems you want addressed I can do that too.

The cost here is typically $125 for a basic tuneup.  If more time is required it will be billed at $250/hr. To purchase this go  HERE or email me.

2. Manufacturing. Need us to make a gallon or more of your product because you are not big enough to meet a large manufacturer’s minimums? We can do that.

3. Writing Scientific Monographs/ingredient information. Are you looking for the science behind your ingredient claims? Is your choice of ingredients the best suited for your needs? Let me review the scientific literature so you know what reliable, scientific information is available on your ingredients.  I can then provide you with product/ingredient monographs as well as designing employee/sales education programs.

4. Microbiology Testing. We can do APC and Fungal/Yeast Tests. We no longer do the Challenge Test. See this page.

5. Education. We love teaching and are available to give talks to our peers on various topics. Recently we have given presentation on chemistry topics to the Hand Crafted Soapmakers Guild, on Distilling for Hydrosols to the Lavender Association of Western Colorado, on Growing Lavender to the Wyoming Master Gardeners and on Biochemistry 101 for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.  Some topics are being written as online class notes for purchase. See our Education page for more information.

6. Herbs. Need an herb extract for your product? We sell raw herbs and herb extracts from our farm. If you don’t see what you want on our ingredients page, we can custom make it for you.


  • 28 years of work in science and medical laboratories
  • Ph.D. in biochemistry, M.S. in toxicology and natural products, B.S. in microbiology and chemistry.
  • 12 years experience working in formulations and cosmetic microbiology.
  • Several years experience in medical writing including published books, many articles published in popular press as well as encyclopedia articles.
  • College instructor in microbiology, anatomy/physiology and phytochemicals.
  • Herbalist with experience growing and using herbs for 18 years.

Not sure if I can help you? Email us and lets find out info @

You might want to read this new FDA fact sheet meant for home business and hand crafted cosmetics.

Non Disclosure.

Information that you share with us for any reason remains confidential and is not shared outside of Sagescript Institute unless specifically requested by you.  Your formulas remain in your ownership and we will not share them.

Cindy Jones is the author of 2 books and editor/contributor to many others:
The Antibiotic Alternative
, Herbs for Healthy Skin and The Healthy Heart Guide.
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