Formula Tune Up


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If you are just starting out and need help with an existing formula we can do that.  For a formula tuneup I will:

1. Look over your formula and fix anything that might need changing.

2. Put your formula in an excel spreadsheet and convert to percentages if not already in that format.

3. Answer a few questions about the formula and offer advice about changes that you might want.

This typically takes 30 minutes to do and the charge is $125. If I find your questions are more extensive and more time is required fees will by applied at $200/hr. If more than one formula tuneup is requested I will also bill at $250/hr, but additional formulas rarely take a full 30 additional minutes..

You can pay with the PayPal button and email your formula to me for the tuneup. For more than one formula tuneup, send the formulas by email and I will invoice you for the time spent. Email the formula to me at cindy @ sagescript (dot) com and put ‘formula tuneup’ in the subject line.