Do you have a step or exercise goal each day? Mine is 10,000 steps. I received a Fitbit 
for Mother’s Day last year and I also got a new phone with an exercise ap so both of these 
have helped to encourage this goal. Walking that much each day is said to reduce the risk 
of chronic disease including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Ten thousand steps is 
equivalent to about 5 miles.
I have trouble with fitting in regular exercise programs so walking works for me. I’ve found 
that I have no trouble at all in the summer with 10,000 steps. I farm, so as many times as I 
walk out to the fields and back, I naturally get the steps in. However, winter is a different 
creature. When the weather is nice enough, I get out on the street for a walk, the park or go 
for a hike. If I don’t get my steps in, I know that what I have to do before the end of the day is 
to get on the elliptical machine we have. I don’t like doing that but will turn on the TV and 
watch short clips, usually monologues from talk shows, to make the time go faster. If I 
don’t have a lot of steps to catch up, I will jog in place.
Walking helps me keep my weight down; I love to eat and to drink beer. I saw it estimated 
that one burns 100 calories per mile. With 10,000 steps being about 5 miles that is 500 
calories.Walking also has been shown to improve mental health and well-being. It sure 
improves my mood, both to exercise and to be outside. Even in the evening when I feel 
too tired to exercise and I know I need to get on the elliptical, I always feel better and less 
tired after I’ve exercised.

Much recent research has centered around the health dangers of sitting for long periods of 
time.These risks include obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.  A recent meta-analysis 
shows that even for people who exercise for one hour per day, the risks from sitting too long 
still exist. A meta analysis carries more weight because it pools data from several other 
similar studies to develop a conclusion. People who sit for prolonged periods of time had a 
higher risk of death from all causes. So spreading my 10,000 steps out during the day keeps 
me moving too.

So since I first started tracking I have made my 10,000 steps a day except for two days that I 
think I was traveling and spent all day on an airplane. I’m determined to stay healthy as I age
and this is one thing I’ve been able to do.

Here is some additional reading if you are interested in the studies on sitting for too long.

Science Daily


Summary of Sitting Down, Inquiries  Journal

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