I thought the snow would never melt but after 2 weeks of warm weather its finally gone – soon to come back though I’m sure. But with the warm weather we spent some time this beautiful February weekend catching up on much need work here on the farm. After cutting down and clearing away dead stalks of lemon balm, we can see underneath that it has started growing already. Some of the lavender has begun to turn green too, which typically doesn’t happen until early summer. A few of the other plants such as parsley and horehound are also greening up.
I’d like to start separating some of the perennials too, southernwood especially has gotten overgrown and I’ve dug out a few roses that never bloom.  

We bought a tractor late last summer and with the ditching attachment I plan to redig some of our irrigation ditches and add some more. Our goal this summer is to keep irrigation water off the lavender. There is  a lot to learn about using a tractor and we are still learning. We will use it for tilling and mowing the pasture once a year too.

Although its nice to get an early start and get some trimming, weeding and cleaning done during this winter month, we need to realize that in Colorado most of our snowfall happens during the month of March. We have to guard our excitement about summer but in the meantime its nice to work hard and then have a glass of wine on the deck to celebrate.

We do have some big plans though for summer.  I hope to have a few farm dinners and farm facials.

It should continue to be warm and we will do another work day on Saturday. We do take volunteers on our farm so if you want to be on our volunteer list, let us know.