Healing Herbs, A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Foraging, and Using Medicinal Plants
Tina Sams
Fair Winds Press, 2015

Healing Herbs, Tina Sams

Tina Sams is a modern day Village Herbalist with a vast knowledge of herbs found in gardens, field and forest.  She is a teacher, mentor, and someone good at bringing people together to share information and educate others.  Many of her projects, such as The Essential Herbal Magazine, are collaborations that she encourages among herbalists as is Healing Herbs where you will find many contributions from other herbalists.

After explaining the various methods of using herbs, Tina has broken this book up into 20 different herbs; 20 different herbs that everyone should know.

For each herb Tina includes background information on the herbs, medicinal benefits and recipes for food, medicine, skin care and/or crafts. The book makes herbs easily approachable with its casual style and is great for both the beginner and experienced herbalist. A great one to keep close for reference.

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