I probably do a similar post every year but I just can’t help myself, I get so excited seeing all the new growth in spring. Here are some pictures around the farm.


Yellow Dock


Fennel and Parsley, we had both in our salad last night.

A little bit of green in the Lavender. I hope they fared well over the dry winter.

The Elderberry is leafing out.

The apples are also leafing out.

I love the little grape hyacinths.

Oregano – don’t  you love pizza?

Plantain – many consider it a weed but we use a alot of it in skin care.

The hops are going wild and need to be strung up.

I think I should put my cross country skis away now. I didn’t get to use them much this winter and I think the opportunity has passed (but you never know in Colorado).