We love the music and other entertainment that occurs in Longmont during the summer months; Friday night street concerts and additional concerts in the parks during the week. But one of the Quirkiest things I’ve come across is “Novel, Sweets and Spirits on the Green?” with Sharon Glassman. I’ve enjoyed listening to Sharon perform as Grant ‘n Sharon’s Quirky Country Duo, playing classic country music for some time. But now she is showcasing her stage performing talents by reading and performing songs from her novel, “Blame it On Hoboken”. This event occurs on the lawn at La Momo Maes Bakery (624 Kimbark, St. Longmont) each Wednesday at 7:00. The novel is set in New York and the storyline includes love, humor and even algebra! You can read more about it here.

Do you have a favorite thing to do in Longmont or in your city?