Running a business, managing a farm, and caring for a family can take up more than the amount of time available in a day. I’m finding more and more its hard to carve time out for myself as my business grows so learning how to balance things is important. I also find that long work days and multiple interruptions can affect my ability to concentrate. I’m searching for ways to have more balance in my life. These are some resolutions I’ve made to find more balance in my life this year.

When the weather is nice, a walk mid-afternoon (during the warmest time of day) helps to relax and refocus. Sometimes that is not enough so I’m finding that just walking away from things every couple of hours to move my body is also important. I usually work by myself so blasting the radio and dancing for a few minutes is an option I can take advantage of more often.

In spring, summer and fall I work most Saturdays at the farmers market. This makes it important to focus on another day of the week to take off or at least fewer hours one day. I am trying to start a habit of working less on Fridays but not just that, I want to exercise more on Fridays since I never do enough of that. This will help relieve stress, help refocus and maintain weight. A friend of mine does Zumba on Friday mornings so that is a good opportunity to exercise and spend more time with a friend. Working solo limits the time I spend with other people. Although I network alot locally that is different than spending quality time with friends so another focus is to find new creative ways to spend time with friends.
My kids are nearly grown with one moved out and the other a senior in high school which allows me to spend more time now growing my business, but carving time out for myself is still important.
How do you balance your life?