We went to a wine tasting today at Blue Mountain Vineyards near Berthoud, Colorado Today. Owners Bill and Christie Prewitt spent the summer vending at the Loveland Farmers Market and invited the other vendors over for an end of the season celebration. We all brought snacks and Bill and Christie poured the whites and reds for our enjoyment. We brought home the Reisling which was interesting in that it was not too sweet but not too dry and the Pinot Noir which we’ll probably have with Thanksgiving.
We then got a tour of the property which they are working on setting up as a venue for weddings. Seemed there were lots of fun hiding places in the bushes for young children to enjoy. Even though we’ve had a frost so nothing was blooming it was still beautiful. It was great too to enjoy the company of other farmers market vendors outside the market in a relaxed setting.