I live in the most beautiful, scenic state in the nation with the best weather but even that is not enough to get me to take a break. Other small business owners know how hard it can be to get away from the business no matter  how important we know it is. However, the great fall weather and golden aspens called me to the mountains. We drove on Peak to Peak highway near Ward CO to the Brainard Lake area and found a trail to Isabelle Lake and Glacier. It was a relatively easy trail (even for me) and only 2 miles up with 400 ft elevation gain. Once we got to the lake we found the near part was dried up so we walked through the lake and sound some nice sandy beach to enjoy our lunch and sun and relax awhile before the walk back and the scenic drive back. What do you think of the view? I’ll probably take another day off next year since this one was so nice!