As things grew tighter in my workspace I knew I needed another place to dry all the herbs I grow and to keep them out of my manufacturing area. So early this spring I bought a ‘canopy’, the kind intended for storing vehicles and tools etc. This works for a number of reasons including that our zoning only allows for ‘temporary structures’ on our property as additional buildings. I always like the idea of having a building not permanent anyway since I can change my mind sometimes.

The structure was easy to put up, we did it in a few hours on a Sunday. I moved in a table and a rack that we had that is great for drying herbs. I can set baskets on either surface for drying as well as hang bundles from the rack. There are a few wire supports running from one side to the other where I can also hang bundles. Over the summer the herb hut has proved to be quite useful and a great place to dry the herbs because of the heat that builds up. I need to

set more time aside for getting the herbs destemmed and into their jars and bags and put away. Over the winter the herb hut will probably be storage for some of our garden tools.

Where do you dry herbs?