We’re having a great time getting to know people at the Boulder Farmers Market now in its second week. One of our neighbors is ‘Street Fare’ a group from the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. They make these delightful mini cupcakes that sell for $1.50 to raise money for the shelter. The main Baker is Sarah and she comes up with a great variety of both savory and sweet muffins. We have fun trying to help come up with ideas during slow periods at the market.

The lavender berry combination in the picture were my suggestion and they came out delicious! Lavender is a great culinary herb when used in moderation and can be added to alot of common recipes to add pizzazz. Next time you make icing, try adding a small spoon of lavender to it, or perhaps a white cake mix or sugar cookie recipe. In the meantime, stop by Street Fare if you are at the Boulder Farmers Market for some mini muffins. If you do, pick up a bottle of lotion from Colorado Aromatics as well! Got any ideas for mini muffin flavors?