When its cold outside and the wind is howling do you tend to pick up your knitting needles? The repetitive action of knitting can be a contemplative practice that is both calming and distracting from the normal hustle. I like that it is a homesteading activity that was done as a necessity by previous generations so it gives continuity to humanity. I knitted as a child some but took it up again when I found myself sitting for with long periods watching my children’s various activites. It’s a good way to pass the time when sitting at soccer practice, horse riding, music lessons, supervising a play date or other kid oriented activites. My kids are older now so I don’t often find my self watching so many events anymore. Although there is still wrestling, soccer and band.

I enjoy quick knitting projects so I find myself often knitting washcloths. They also partner well with the handcrafted soaps I make and can be sold together. The one shown above is one of my favorite patterns and is often called Grandmothers Favorite discloth on many websites. Nice cotton yarn is easy to find for these washcloths but I was excited recently to find this bamboo yarn shown above. My next project is a pair of socks and I’ve recently bought some wool and silk yarn for them. I might actually get to it if the cold and snow continues. Do you have knitting projects you are working on?