Last week it was zucchini, this week its cucumbers! Don’t you just love harvest time, basing dinner on what’s growing in the garden? Although cucumbers are great for slicing and eating plain as well as putting on sandwiches, Maryanne decided to have a cucumber blog party. So here are some recipes from my favorite herbalists that you can try now while you’ve got plenty of cucumbers to harvest.

Becky’s Cucumber Cocktails

Beth’s Cucumber/Watermelon Salad

Cindy’s Tzatziki

Janiece’s Tomato Cucumber Salad

Karen’s Cucumber Dill Sauce

Maryanne’s Creamy Cucumber Salad

Nancy’s Chilled Cucumber Soup

Tina’s Cucumber Lime Salsa

Gazpacho is also a great way to use cucumber as well as slicing them to put on cream cheese and bread. I’ve also distilled cucumbers, the distillate makes a great face spritzer especially when its hot. You can also use the distillate or hydrosol in various cosmetic products including toners and serums. Do you have a favorite way to use cucumbers?