Kids exchange the craziest Valentine’s Day cards now. I really like these old ones. I found these cards in an old trunk of my Father’s after he died. They are cards he evidently exchanged in school. In celebration of this feast of St. Valentine I wanted to share these with you along with some of their contents:

I cannot turn my thoughts away from you, My Valentine.
To-day, and if I had the wings to glide I’d soon be standing at your side!

Orators have shouted forth
Their wise and flowery speeches
But I can’t say a thing except
“Lets you and I be Each’s”

People love flower
Flowers love dew
Some may love others
But I love you.

Come back to me
Send me a line
Its you I want –
My Valentine

If a body meets a body
Looking thru a fence
Can’t a body Kiss a body
Without great offense?

Have a great Valentine’s weekend everyone.