We are finally getting much needed precipitation here in Colorado, in the form of snow which is accompanied by cold, cold weather. After several weeks of warm, spring-like weather that forced me outside to plant seeds in my raised beds I am now hoping that their plastic covering is enough to keep them warm. I do have tomatoes growing in my greenhouse though and have just planted squash and cucumber seeds too. I rub my hands across the tiny tomatoe seedlings daily to stengthen their stems. Fruit trees, strawberry plants and raspberry bushes are on order. Am hoping that the next few weeks we will be above freezing and outdoor work can again resume. In the meantime, reading and learning more about the plants I grow or want to grow is what feeds the the soul. The Essential Herbal Magazine is where much of that reading is. You can download a free copy of “The Essential Herbal Magazine” yourself to help in your spring planning. This particular issue (March 2008) includes information on growing a Victory Garden. Click here to download this copy, its sure to stimulate thoughts for your soon to be planted garden:  http://www.essentialherbal.com/MarchApril2008forweb.pdf