How fun the One World One Heart Giveaway has been. I never thought that I would have over 200 comments on my blog, especially after joining in late. I have also visited some very impressive blogs and seen some very impressive art over this journey. I wish I had the time to read each blog every day. I used to generate a random winner for my contest and it turns out to be
Peggy Pilapil-Lasa from the Philippines. Her blog is
She won mohair, lavender and an herbal distillate that I distilled over the summer. She wants the mohair uncombed and curly to use as doll’s hair. Oh, I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

I decided to draw a second place winner and that is Deb at A second place prize was not mentioned in my post so I will wait and see what she wants; perhaps a little lavender or some mohair or even a bar of soap. I haven’t heard from her yet though.

Now its fun to give gifts, but also fun to get gifts and I was happy today to be a prize winner today as well. I won some cocoa butter and some shea butter from The Soap Dish in a contest they had on Twitter. How lucky is that; its just a give and take!

There was a brief article in a Denver online newspaper featuring my chocolate soap as a green Valentine’s Day gift. You can read about it here.
Although its too late to get your chocolate/orange soap by Valentine’s Day you can still order it just for fun as well as the chocolate lip balm.
Unfortunately, The Colorado Cupboard where I sell my products locally is closing at the end of the month because of the economy. I’ll be looking at other local shops in hopes of finding a niche. If you live in Longmont though, you can buy my new ‘Beer Soap’ at Left Hand Brewery. I have made JuJu Ginger Beer, Milk Stout Beer, and Harvest Wheat Beer all made from their very own beer. They are deliciously wonderful with a very fresh smell.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All.