We have decided to be a part of the One World One Heart Project to link blogs. For this event we are giving away a gift on Feb 12 to one lucky person who leaves a comment to this post. Be sure to leave a name and an email address so I can contact you.

I wanted this gift to be a reflection of our farm so it will contain:
1. a bouquet of lavender buds from our lavender field
2. 2- 4 oz bottle of herbal distillate/hydrosol grown and distilled here on the farm (perhaps comfrey, lemon balm, blue spruce or catnip). These are great for skin care or hair care. You can learn more about how to use herbal distillates at my website http://www.sagescript.com/distillates2.
3. some carded mohair from our goats Mary and Ace that live here on the farm. Realizing that many of you bloggers are crafters this amount of mohair is enough to use as filling for a hotpad or two or a small pillow or to felt for some other small craft – try felting it around a bar of soap. Actually, maybe I will also include a few locks that are uncombed to use as doll hair, or if you win and would rather have curly locks you can let me know. You could also use it for spinning or mix it with another type of wool to spin. Although its been washed and carded it still has a bit of vegetable matter in it.
So far there are over 600 participants in this ‘gypsy caravan’ that covers every continent. You can see links to their blog sites here: http://oneworldoneheart.typepad.com/
One World One Heart ends Feb 12, but have your comment here by Feb 11 to be included in the prize drawing.