We’ve been busy here getting products ready for Christmas so I haven’t posted. But on the eve of Thanksgiving I thought I’d let you know one of the recipes we will be making for the big dinner.
We saw this recipe in Sunset Magazine many years ago. Since I always look for sweet potato recipes that avoid all that sugar we gave it a try. It was a big hit and we have made it probably every Thanksgiving for the past 12 years or more.

2 pounds white potatoes cut into thin slices
2 pounds sweet potatoes or yams cut into thin slices
¾ cup vegetable broth
½ pound jack cheese (plus a few slices of smoked gouda0
¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
1/3 cup brandy

Layer white and sweet potato slices and jack cheese (along with
smoked0 in a buttered casserole dish lightly salt and pepper each
layer. Mix hot broth and brandy together and pout over potatoes.
Bake covered at 375 degrees F for 75 minutes ( 1 ¼ hour) or until
potatoes are tender. Uncover, top with grated parmesan, bake until
browned. You can then top with chopped chives from the freezer.

Some of what I am thankful for this year is the opportunity to have a large property that I can care for and help blossom, my husband and sons, my siblings, and herbs.

Happy Thanksgiving.