I took a few pictures in the garden today to share here and also wanted to tell you about the project I just finished; making some raised beds. For the raised beds I bought some lumber at the Restore which is a store run by Habitat for Humanity. They sell alot of used items donated by contractors including wood. These boards I got are 8″ by 2″ and very heavy sturdy lumber. I made the boxes 8 feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide using 4X4 posts for corners. I made two of these boxes and put them in front of my workshop building in an area that is weedy and gravely. They will do alot to improve the aethetics of the area! The next part of the plan is to build a patio of sorts with pavers – but that will have to wait. I filled the first box with a combination of horse manure, goat manure, chicken manure, straw and dirt; all from the property (its not just cheap, its sustainable!). I’ll probably be able to get a few perennials in their this fall yet. The second box however will have to wait as I will fill it gradually over the winter.

Clover didn’t grow where I planted it near the fruit trees, but it did come up volunteering in my bed; which is ok by me. I find it attractive as well as useful.

Here are pictures of my pumpkin, zucchini, larkspur and holy basil.