Tina Sams never fails to amaze me. I have mentioned before about her magazine “The Essential Herbal”; now she has compiled articles from the first 5 years of publication and put them into a book entitled “Under the Sun, the First Five Years”. The book is organized into chapters on gardening, in the kitchen, just weeds, herbal first aid, the stillroom, traditions, the herbs and herb business. You will find articles about soapmaking and cooking, drinking and crafting and lots of just naturalist experiences. The magazine has been a dream of Tina’s for some time. Writers contribute their time and skills because herbs are their passion. I only recently joined Tina in her venture and am glad I did. Reading the articles in this book is like listening to old friends discuss their lives and their passions. It is a sizable book of 220 pages so it will take some time to read. I would highly recommend going to Tina’s website and ordering your copy (http://www.essentialherbal.com).