The Holidays are over and the tree is now setting on the patio and the decorations are almost all boxed up. I will be using the tree for a number of things. The branches will be cut off and some of them will be put around my rosemary plant. I have done this for the past several years and have been lucky enough to have my rosemary survive the past several cold winters. This rosemary, however, was just transplanted here this summer from our previous house and it has already been quite cold here so I hope its not too late. Some of the branches will also go around the roses. I’ve already taken some of the pine needles and some of the smallest branches to put in a jar with alcohol to make a tincture. Although I typically make tinctures for medicinal purposes I haven’t done much in the way of making tinctures for aromatic purposes. I got this idea from Anya at Anya’s Garden ( and hope to try tincturing a few other aromatics this winter including orange peel. Most of the remaining branches and needles will become snacks for my two angora goats. I gave them some of the branches that we trimmed off to get the tree into the base and they really seemed to enjoy eating them so I’m sure they will be happy about it. The main trunk of the Christmas tree will be cut into firewood to be used in summer campfires.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to say hi from Marie’s site. I appreciate the encouragement! Although I have many ideas in my head about what to write, finding the time to sit down and do it is not always easy, especially when I learn about all the other fun blogs to read!