It’s a beautiful wintry day here in Colorado with our first big snow of the season which measures about 7 inches. We booted up and went cross country skiing across our pastures. We let the goats out – yes, goats, we just got 2 angora goats, and they followed us across the field running just like dogs! Not what I expected of goats.

We moved here to our property just this summer so every season brings new things.

In my semi-greenhouse I have saved over some of my plants as well as a few for my neighbor; thyme, geraniums, rosemary and petunias which are now in bloom! I just planted a tray of lettuce and hope to be eating it soon. In the next several weeks I will be deciding which herbs and plants I will need this summer and get some of them started in the greenhouse. A survey of the property this summer turned up some interesting plants; many bush cherries which I believe are Nanking cherries, an elderberry which didn’t produce many berries this summer but now that I know it’s there it will get a lot more water this coming summer, a few plum trees, asparagus, rhubarb and some raspberries. Not much was here in the way of herbs but I was able to transplant some from my old residence including lemon balm, rue, oregano, salad burnett, thyme, costmary, Artemisia and prunella to name a few.

My blog here will be about my new farm lifestyle and all that it entails. We grow herbs here and sell herbal products. We also have a few animals. I want to be able to not only farm sustainably, but to live sustainably also. Sometimes this is a hard thing to do with busy lives and children so compromises will be made. The important thing I think is to be conscientious and consider the options. Sometimes the right choice is not made, but there is always something to be learned.